Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.


The registration will only be done online. Please set up an account for your club on
Within your account, you can set up all athletes, coaches, and Assistants and also create your teams. With only a few more clicks you can than always register your teams to the current events.
Email registration is not available anymore.
Please only register online.
When you have confirmed and finalized your registration, we will check all details and will send you a confirmation E-Mail.
Each individual can participate in up to three categories.
Please register them as coaches and athletes in the according teams. Be aware - Coaches are always allowed to compete as well.
Please register your team online for the early booking rates. You would only have to upload the personal registration forms until 7 days prior to the event.
A change of category is an enormous workload for Varsity Europe. Therefore we will have to charge you 50 € for the change. Please make sure to enroll in the right category and check before finalizing your registration.
All invoices have to be balanced within 14 days after the invoice has been sent out- but the latest on the day of the competition. Early Registration Discounts will be changed to normal registration fees if the invoice has not been paid until 14 days after the early registration deadline.
As soon as your payment has been received you can see this in your account under 'Invoices'.
The performance order as well as the list of participants will always be published up to 7 days after the final registration deadline. You will receive an info email about it and it will also be published on our website.


This year, you can order the eventshirt in three different phases:
1. Order until 08.04.2018 : 15,90 EUR
2. Order until 22.04.2018 : 17,90 EUR
3.Order until 13.05.2018 or buy at the venue: 20,00 EUR

All orders that will be made until April 22nd will receive a guaranteed shirt. Orders that come in afterwards will be processed as long as stock lasts.
The following sizes will be available: Adults: S / M / L / XL / XXL; Kids: YM / YL / YXL
Fully paid shirts will be handed out at the cheer shop.
If your payment has not been received up to the day prior to the competition your shirts will automatically be released. You can now only buy the shirts there for 20 EUR at the Cheer Shop.


This accommodation offer does mainly apply to teams that would otherwise not be able to afford the trip to the Movie Park. The 12,50 € only include the accommodation. Your team will have to bring your own inflatable matresses, sleeping bags and pillows, catering and transport.
These can be booked through our Eventshop on Please note that only registered clubs can book the accommodation. As soon as we have received your booking we will check availability and send you a confirmation. via Email.


Yes, Please upload you music files to you account on
Please send it in until May 6th 2018

Please label your music files as shown below:


Please send in the music only in MP3 format.
The check in desk can be found at the participants entrance
No. The Warm Up area is only for participants, coaches and assistants.
The Shop will be situated directly next to the Studio 7 arena.
Due to logistical reason there won´t be a Staffshow at the ECC. Varsity Europe had to make that decision in order to give all teams enough time to prepare for and perform on stage.
The entrance and exit of the studio 7 arena will be on different sides of the arena this year.
The entrance can be found on the right side (when facing studio 7). The exit can be found on the left side.
Example 1: 20 Teammembers order Uniforms and Teamwear for 200 EUR per Person = Voucher of 20% = 800 EUR discount.
Example 2: 25 Teammembers order Uniforms and Camp wear for 400 EUR each = Voucher of 20% = 2000 EUR discount.
If the security is not letting you in, it means that the arena is fully seated. Please make your way to the Fan Viewing line and get in line for your team. As soon as it´s time, we will let you in. The Fan-Viewing Area will be cleared after each team. Also there will be a big LED screen just around the corner that will show all routines!


The competition of the stunt categories will take place on sunday at the warm up area.
The warm up area is only free for participants, coaches and assistants. Your parents and friends will not be able to go to the warm up area. The routines will be shown on the LED screen.
No, the stunt categories will only have one run. There wont be any finals.


The majority of the awards ceremonies will be held during the day at Warsteiner Saloon. Where your awards ceremony will be held depends on the number of athletes. The information where and when your award ceremony will be held can be found on the performance order.


At the XV. ECC 2018 the results of the prelims will only be announced. There are no award ceremonies for the prelims. The results will be announced, will be shown on the displays in the arena and will be posted on the facebook page and on other multimedia channels. The results, the team certificates and the scoresheets can be picked up at the Warm Up area. One coach of the finalists teams will be asked to come on stage and draw the performance order for finals.


The lower ranks of the Studio 7 will be cleared for the Awards Ceremony. Please be patient. Once the ranks are clear, all participants will be granted access through the Fan Viewing Doors. We will not start the Awards Ceremony without the teams!


All registration to the USASF Cheerleading and Dance World Championship 2019 will be processed through Varsity Europe. Please be patient. As soon as the Travelpackage will be published it will be send to all qualified teams.
If you have any other questions please contact
All registration to the International UCA All Star Cheerleading Championship / Summit 2019 will be processed through Varsity Europe. Please be patient. As soon as the Travelpackage will be published it will be send to all qualified teams.
If you have any other questions please contact